30 Days / Cinema Project
The aim of the project is to produce something in Cinema 4D everyday for 30 days. There is no specific theme, but I want to focus on abstract effect like swarmer effects etc and improve my knowledge of lighting and rendering.
Start date: Tuesday 25 March
End Date: Friday 25 April
Day 01: Tracer
Created in Cinema 4D and composited in After Effects
Day 02: Tracer Object
Day 03: Tracer Evolve
Day 04: Subby Poly
Day 05: Sub-Poly Gang
Day 06: Cell Division
Day 07: Hairy Jellyfish
Day 08: Cloner Character
Day 09: Thinking Particles
Day 10: Porno Galactic
Day 11 : Cell Destruction
Day 12: Cell Destruction vol. 02
Day 13: Dad Thumb
Day 14: Son Thumb
Day 15: Circle
Day 16: The Goop Takes Over
Day 17: Me, Me, Me
Day 18: Ice-Cream Mountains
Day 19: Bubbles
Day 20: Under the Microscope
Day 21: Metropolitan Onion
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