365 Day Challenge / Sketching
Having completed a 30 Day Sketching Challenge ( and really enjoying it ........ for the most past ........ some days were yucky), I have decided to tackle the big cahuna so to speak - 365 days of sketching. 
These sketches are a chronicle of the weird thoughts and ideas that form in my brain on a daily basis. Slightly sweating at the thought of this, but hey let's see how it goes ....... eek!
Start Date: Thursday 01 May 2014
End Date: Friday 01 May 2015
Day 01: Meet the Woolies
Day 02: Meet the Burpees
Day 03: Meet the mind of Sarah
Day 04: Meet Fuzzy Mountain
Day 05: Meet the Randomies
Day 06: Meet Ice cream mountain and let's see what's behind the magic door
Day 07: Meet the Eggies
Day 08: Meet the Meat - Eater
Day 09: Meet our next generation
Day 10: Meet the all seeing eye
Day 11: Meet the Meat Monitors
Day 12: Meet the Comforters
Day 13: Meet the Germ-ies who have taken over my body
Day 14: Meet the Ani-tracts
Day 15: Meet the Anitracts vol. 02
Day 16: Meet the All-Seeing Eye and Mr. Wobble Bobble
Day 17: Meet Eye totem & Bone Totem
Day 18: Meet Abstract Elephant
Day 20: Meet more abstract animals (pig and duck)
Day 21: Meet the bear with a hand in his mouth and plexus
Day 22: Meet Ducky & the Eye-cream maker !!!
Day 23: Meet the Hairy Hand
Day 24: Meet the Lalalalalalalalalalalalala 's
Day 25: Meet the oooooohhhhh's
Day 26: Meet the Hairy Page
Day 27: Meet the Pattern Page
Day 28: Meett the Line Dog
Day 29: Meet the Potatoes
Day 30: Meet Teeth Mountain (again) and teh Sucklers
Day 31: Meet the I see you
Day 32: Meet the Meta - Type
Day 33: Meet Bubbles & Owly
Day 34: Meet Snakey & Halo
Day 35: Meet Uga Buga & Teapot
Day36: Meet the Wormhole
Day 37: Meet the Birdies
Day 38: Meet the Metas
Day 39: Meet Beachie
Day 40: Meet the Beachies
Day 41: Meet Yogi & Cliff Diver
Day 42: Meet the Party People!
Day 43: Meet the Meta - Jumble
Day 44: Meet the Tree - Escapes
Day 45: Meet the Bulbies
Day 46: Meet Burgerman & Statue
Day 47: Meet the Ice-cream Peeps!
Day 48: Meet the Groupies
Day 49: Meet Jam-Eater and Snakey
Day 50: Meet the Snakies
Day 51: Meet Surpy
Day 52: Meet Starfish & Beefstragonanoff
Day 53: Meet Cat & Crabby
Day 54: Meet Teeth Mountain
Day 55: Meet Zuzu-Monkey
Day56: Meet the Creatures Under the Sea
Day 57: Meet Little Terrarium
Day 58: Meet Pudding Lane
Day 59: Meet Ickle Pudding
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