Day 60: Cherries vs Puddings
Day 61: Meet Turkey Durkey
Day 62: Meet Cricket and Turtle
Day 63: Meet the Turtle who goes Waaaahey!
Day 64: Meet More Turtles who go Waaaaahey
Day 65: Meet Giant Snakey
Day 66: Meet the Bandit
Day 67: Meet the Robots
Day 68: Meet the Roboos
Day 69: Meet Gran-Baby
Day 70: Meet the Meat Fishies
Day 71: Meet Happy Girl and Head on a Stick
Day 72: Meet Tree and Octopus
Day 73: Meet the Aquatics
Day 74: Meet Limpet
Day 75: Meet Toddy Long Legs
Day 76: Meet the Dancers
Day 77: Meet the Mountain Climber
Day 78: Meet Jumbles and Eggy
Day 79: Meet Snailey & Big Bird
Day 80: Meet Mouthy & Wood
Day 81: Meet Smoke Signals Girl
Day 82: Meet the Jellies
Day 83: Meet the Lungfish
Day 84: Meet the Dancer
Day 85: Meet the Flo-Girl
Day 86: Meet the Mountain Peep & Radio-Head
Day 87: Meet the Bee and the Honeycomb
Day 88: Meet the Balloonies
Day 89: Meet the robo-robotics!
Day 90: Meet the monoko's!
Day 91: Meet the yogi-girl vol. I!
Day 92: Meet the yogi-girl vol. II!
Day 93: Meet the bean-shoo-shoo and bean-swim-swim!
Day 94: Meet the sparkly meadow!
Day 95: Meet the octopus!
Day 96: Meet the MountainClimber!
Day 97: Meet the Cool Sunflowers!
Day 98: Meet the Seedlings!
Day 99: Meet the Seedlers!
Day 100: Meet the PawPaw!
Day 101: Meet the Watchers!
Day 102: Meet the Herbivores!
Day 103: Meet the Owly and Yogi!
Day 104: Meet the SkiSki!
Day 105: Meet the Next Generation!
Day 106: Meet the Herbivore!
Day 107: Meet the Ice-Cream-Dude!
Day 108: Meet Teeth Mountain vol. I!
Day 109: Meet Teeth Mountain vol. II!
Day 110: Meet Teeth Mountain vol. III!
Day 111: Meet Teeth Mountain vol. IV!
Day 112: Meet Teeth Mountain vol. V!
Day 113: Meet Teeth Mountain vol. VI!
Day 114: Meet Smiley and the Hairy Old Chilies!
Day 115: Meet the Evil Mangoes and the Hotty Chilies!
Day 116: Meet Queen Fennel!
Day 117: Meet Milky-Meadow!
Day 118: Meet the Plant-Paws!
Day 119: Meet Bunny and Cone Tier Top!
Day 120: Meet Fit Fruit!
Day 121: Meet the Healthy Fruit Line Up!
Day 122: Meet the Heart-Healers!
Day 123: Meet the Fallen!
Day 124: Meet the Curious!
Day 125: Meet the Fireworks & Pingi!
Day 26: Meet Meadow & Wormy!
Day 127: Meet the Tea-Escape!
Day 128: Meet the Sushi Phones!
Day 129: Meet Tribey and Luna!
Day 130: Meet All Tea'd Out!
Day 131: Meet My Emotional Baggage!
Day 132: Meet My Heart!
Day 133: Meet the Happy New Year!
Day 134: Meet a Bad Showerime
Day 135: Meet Pudding Lane vol. II
Day 136: Meet the Happy Face
Day 137: Meet the Sad Face
Day 138: Meet the Tear Face
Day 139: Meet the Cre-Cre Face
Day 140: Meet the Angry Face
Day 141: Meet the Sick Hot Water Bottle
Day 142: Meet the Horrible Crying Face
Day 143: Meet the Native Face
Day 144: Meet Cheeky Girl and the Pine-Cone Head
Day 145: Meet the Uga's!
Day 146: Meet the Alien!
Day 147: Meet that 70's girl and King Uga Buga!
Day 148: Meet Abstract Jesus and Abstract Toast
Day 149: Meet Cuppy-Cup and House
Day 150: Meet the Sickies!
Day 151: Meet the Sea-Baby and Sea-Monster
Day 152: Meet the Shouty Chicken!
Day 153: Meet the Sad Animals!
Day 154: Meet Mr. Fly and BearBear!
Day 155: Meet Owly and P-Bottle
Day 156: Meet Ladybird and Smileys!
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