Moda is a boutique statistical consultancy offering a comprehensive range of services, with complete control over the data. The company aims towards a simplifying data so that you can easily understand it. Their mission is to help your data tell its own story.

During the collaboration with Moda, our primary challenges were to build a trustful and legitimate image of their company and to increase sales. The project involved refreshing their brand identity and apply the same design concept on their website. The idea behind the Moda brand is revolving around their ability to succinctly communicate complex data. Everything funnels to a centre point to convey how much data they need to sift through and how effective they are getting to the core of the information.

During the early development steps, we broke down their brand concept into four key services
(i) Statistical Training
(ii) Consulting
(iii) Data Analysis
(iv) Report Writing
Each of these strands combine to create a comprehensive service.
Based on them, I plunged into creating various and unique approaches for the original logo while testing the numbers of lines, their thickness, and colors. In the end, however, I came up with the circle brand logo filled with a pink circle to denote their laser focus when dissecting data.

Together with our partners at Moda, we established that their website was outdated, so they wanted to produce a new image. Thus, we added several 3D design elements and visual identity assets to the website. The marketing website layout was clear, visually engaging and aligned with brand guidelines.

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I am open for new brand identity design projects.

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